POW & ME on Day3 in 2019 MMIRA Asia Regional Conference / 5th JSMMR2019 Conference


No additional Fee for the participants of MMIRA and JSMMR conference.
Register if you want to attend these programs on Day3, please.

PARTICIPANT-ORGANIZED WORKSHOP on Day3 (Sep. 16) 8:20 - 10:20
※ Maximum 30 participants each.

POW-01 Weaver & Weaver
POW-02 Cain
POW-03 Zurc
POW-04 Cook & Kamalodeen
POW-05 Edwards
POW-06 Dickinson
POW-07 Collins

POW-01 Weaver & Weaver
"Basic Designs in Mixed Methods Research for Beginners"
Level: Beginners
Style: Participatory

POW-02 Cain
"Unpacking Ethical Conundrums in Mixed Methods Research"
Level: Beginners
Style: Exercise-based & Consultation

POW-03 Zurc
"Validity Assessment Criteria for the Mixed Methods Research"
Level: Beginners・Intermediate・Advanced
Style: Lecture・Participatory・Consultation

POW-04 Cook & Kamalodeen
"Mixed Methods Case Study Research Designs (MMCSR) in Pure and Applied Settings"
Level: Beginners
Style: Exercise-based・Consultation

POW-05 Edwards (withdrawn 8/30)
"Mixing Artfully: Exploring the Integration of Visual Methods in Data Collection, Analysis, and Dissemination in Mixed Methods Designs"
Level: Beginners
Style: Lecture・Participatory・Consultation

POW-06 Dickinson
"Constructing visual narratives for mixed methods findings"
Level: Beginners・Intermediate
Style: Lecture・Participatory

POW-07 Collins
"Designing Mixed Research: An Integrated Approach"
Level: Intermediate
Style: Lecture・Participatory

MEET an EXPERT on Day3 (Sep. 16) 9:00 - 10:00

※ Maximum 10 participants each.

ME-01 Dr. Creamer
ME-02 Dr. Davis
ME-03 Dr. Fetters
ME-04 Dr. Poth
ME-05 Dr. Creswell
ME-06 Dr. Inoue & Ms. Abe(in Japanese)
ME-07 Dr. Makabe(in Japanese)
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Mon Sep 16, 2019
8:20 AM - 10:20 AM JST
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POW-01 Weaver & Weaver FULL
POW-02 Cain FULL
POW-03 Zurc FULL
POW-04 Cook & Kamalodeen FULL
POW-05 Edwards FULL
POW-06 Dickinson FULL
POW-07 Collins FULL
ME-01 Creamer FULL
ME-02 Davis FULL
ME-03 Fetters FULL
ME-04 Poth FULL
ME-05 Creswell FULL
ME-06 Inoue & Abe FULL
ME-07 Makabe FULL
Venue Address
浜松市中区中央2−1−1 Japan
Japan Society of Mixed Methods Research/日本混合研究法学会